..........even though i don't like to tell you who am I.

I always have demon and angel in the brain, they keep yelling at each other....
arguing the 'to be or not to be' problem...It was so effing annoying .

like 'should you tell people how you think', 'should i wear pink legging to school', 'is that too bad to tell her she is very ugly', etc.

Most of the time, angel wins......
Because major part of me is an angel

Like seriously, i am not joking...

To be an angel for 20 years, i never wanted to be in any extreme side or to be too judgemental. I always try to keep things fair and be a lil bit humble throughout my life (yes...yes.....genetic from parents.....i know...i know....)
That's why i am always the bystander, the wallflower, the anonymous, or whatever you name, and dislike being the center of attention. I was always the one who laughed at others' mistake and bitching others to the one who is close to me.

I once told my friend I hardly update status in my facebook and I never use twitter because 'people who should know me will know me, people who shouldn't, will not know me'

But then ....
Demon gets angry ....
And realise there're so many things Demon wants to tell the world, how she thinks about all the happening stuff around her.

Demon was apparently created by my sister and my life in uni, where you have to be outspoken to raise your voice (which is sooo.... not serene rite)

Started to step out a little bit in the society, i know the world is not fair, especially with the skill of judging, where i believe judgment is some kind of comparison.

Like Laotzu said: there will never be good or bad, only when you try to compare the 'good' with the 'bad'  (Sorry with my translation, but i think this is what he said)

Judging is an innate ability (or i believe so), judging people makes me look at myself, being judge makes me look at myself again, see how others judge others also make me look at myself.

The most challenging part of blogging to me is when i read my own writing, i feel really awkward, as if i am judging myself , and very often i feel very uncomfortable with myself.  Hence.....writing blog is also help me accept my own opinion and feeling lovable *hugs and kisses*

If you've finished reading this part, i hope you will come back my blog again *.
Thank you for taking your time reading :D

p/s: You are most welcome to argue my point of view, but i hope your comment is not too long, because i am not a good reader, i even get irritated reading my own blog if it gets too long, sowwwwyyyyy.
p/p/s: and when you argue, i hope you make a rationale argument, so that we can counterargue; if not, you win.